Monday, August 25, 2008


Session Fees must be paid when you schedule your session.  Session fees not received at least 3 days prior to you session will be canceled.  Sessions that have not been paid for are subject to being rescheduled due to another client paying for the allotted time. Session fees are non-refundable.  Session fees are transferable.  Sessions may be rescheduled once without incurring a fee. Session fee is forfeited if you fail to show up to your session without giving 24 hours notice.

No other cameras/camcorders are allowed at the session.  Yup, not even your camera phone.  You hired me to take your pictures...let me.  If someone shows up late to your session with a camera, I will stop the session immediately.

Sunday's are reserved for the Lord and for my family.  I do not schedule sessions, answer phone calls, respond to email, etc. on Sunday.

Prints are ordered AFTER I have received your payment.  Payments must clear the bank/paypal/credit card processing company before I will order your pictures.  Currently I accept cash, check, paypal and most major credit cards.  If your check bounces you will be required to pay for your order with cash and to cover all expenses involved with the bounced check.

Do to the nature of custom portrait photography, all sales are final.  Be review your order carefully. Reprints are only done due to errors on my part or to errors by the print lab.

All photographs are copyright Jessica Lloyd Photography.  By law you are not allowed to scan, photocopy, reprint, take pictures of or change in anyway any of the photographs taken by Jessica Lloyd Photography without written consent to do so.  If you are found to have done so, you will be charged a $500 fee per instance per image.  If you receive low resolution images, they will have a logo on them.  You may not remove the logo from these images.  You may not print from these low resolution files.  If you purchase low resolution/web files, you must sign a model release.    I have invested a lot of time and money to become a good photographer. When you copy my pictures, you are stealing from me.  Scanning pictures degrades my business and it ruins my reputation.

At your session I will take LOTS of pictures.  You WILL NOT get to see all of those pictures.  I will select the best for you to see.  I find that most people are overwhelmed by choosing between too many pictures.

You may choose to order your pictures in person, in your home, or through the internet.  If you choose to order through the internet your pictures will be put in a secure, password protected, online web gallery.  This gallery will be available for three days.  You may order anytime during those three days.  You may have your gallery reloaded for $50.  Agreed upon pricing is only available during the original gallery hosting.  Re-hosted galleries are subject to current pricing.

If you or your child is ill, please reschedule your session.  No additional fee will be incurred if for illness, if you reschedule within the next 2 weeks.  If you show up to a session ill, you will be asked to reschedule.  If I am ill, I will notify you, reschedule and add a free 8x10 to your session.

Be on time to your session (15 minutes early to finish getting ready is recommended).  If you are not on time and ready to go at your scheduled time, you will not be given any extra time.  I am a natural light photographer and the sun is not very forgiving.  If you are late, it will reduce the amount of proofs you will receive.

Any cost for location usage is to be paid by the client.

Client covers all transportation fees for locations that are 30 miles or more from Magna Township.  Client also covers any parking fees.

Only those being photographed and their parents/guardians are allowed to the photo session.  Do not bring children to the session that are not being photographed.

Reshoots are determined at the discretion of the photographer. They will not be given for poor choices of clothing, make-up, hair, weather related issues, or by not following the recommendations of the photographer.

Photoshop cannot fix everything.  Please bring tissues to wipe runny noses.  Have clean faces, brushed hair, manicured nails, bra straps tucked inside your clothing, etc.  I do include a small amount of photoshop time into your session fee, but if you require more editing that what I normally include, you will be charged $60 an hour additional for that time.

Photography is a subjective art, and not all photographs may be to your liking.

Jessica Lloyd Photography is not responsible for any expense or liability incurred as a result of your participation in this photo shoot, including medical expenses due to any sickness or injury incurred as a result.